Using SEO to Improve Google Ads

Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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The most critical part of your marketing strategy is to be visible and appear above your competitors when your customers are searching for products like yours. Even if you have tens of different competitors, you should be the one most attractive to catch your customers’ attention.

How you can show your authority, how you can dominate the results when your customers looking for your products? There are two known ways to do it; performing ads or doing SEO.

But what if you do it both for your specific keywords? But how you can control the performance by balancing both sides; SEO and Ads.

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Potential Organic Queries For Google Ads

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Discover the keywords where you are increasing your ranking, but don’t have a good position yet and also the keywords where you have the first position, but would like to prove your authority by dominating the ads too. As a reminder, these are the keywords that the Google algorithm found relate to your website and that have the potential for your Google Ads, which you are not bidding on right now.

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