Products that cannot be sold in the ad

Kader Ağdağ
Kader Ağdağ

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Wow, would you have invested in something that wouldn't sell for 30 days? Together we wish it hadn't happened.

There may have been a drop in demand for these products as a result of changing seasonal patterns. Like, you want to sell sweaters in the summer. Moreover, you may have even forgotten to remove it from ads for products that were out of stock or low stock size.

In order to keep track of the inventory of these products, digital marketing experts recommend those who do not have a product feed to do so at the Merchant Center. If you don't know how to do it, you can get help from this link.

The unfortunate truth is that even if you have created a product feed, you can continue investing in products that may never sell. To avoid this situation, you will be helped by looking at "Products with paid traffic but no sale" on heybooster.

The analysis is on hand to enable you to examine precisely which product link from your shopping campaigns remained unsold and how much you paid for it. By exporting this data in Excel format, you can enhance your analysis by using it in combination with data that is already available to you. #100GrowthInsights

Let's check with your data:

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