How SecilStore used heybooster to increase conversions?

Bugrahan Saka
Bugrahan Saka

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Challenge & Solution

There might be thousands of products displayed on an eCommerce website. It is nearly impossible to analyze each product manually as it is not time efficient.

But, if you don’t track all of your products, you’ll fail. At this point, you need an automatized solution not to miss revenue opportunities or cause budget loss.

heybooster automatically analyzes thousands of products put up for sale on an eCommerce website in minutes. heybooster reveals revenue opportunities and helps you increase your conversions.


heybooster's product analysis provided the SecilStore marketing team with high-potential products with low view rates but high purchase rates.

SecilStore marketing team increased their conversion rates and revenue by promoting the products that have high sales potential.

Meet SecilStore

SecilStore was established in 1981 and joined the women's clothing sector by producing skirts and trousers.

SecilStore has a collection of nearly 600 pieces inspired by today's metropolitan women’s lifestyle. The collection of SecilStore is tailored concerning the world trends with an aim to improve and interpret them. SecilStore has an annual production capacity of 800,000 pieces of ready-made clothing.

SecilStore, by joining e-commerce in 2010, aimed to reach more people looking for fashionable pieces. SecilStore offers quality, comfort and clothes that make people feel happy and stylish at affordable prices.