2021 Digital Marketing Wrapped!

Şahin Seçil
Şahin Seçil

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What a year for marketing? AI is becoming more common when creating and optimizing marketing campaigns even creating a blog post. GA4 officially announced. New Google algorithm updates and so on…

How does that affect your marketing strategy?

Wrapped is here for Google Analytics users to get a deep dive into their campaign performance changes of the year.

  • Which marketing channel is most profitable?
  • What are the best products of the year?
  • What are the worst-performing keywords?
  • What landing page needs to be optimized?
  • What keywords do you start with to get positioned on Google?

All the details are in your heybooster account. If you haven't tried heybooster yet, you can do so for free! Don't miss out.

Happy New Year from the heybooster team!

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