Executive Weekly Summary to Track Marketing Progress

Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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In between all of your work, it is hard to follow the work done on marketing and actually, you don’t want to be controlling every move your team or agency partner makes. However, ultimately, it is your business, and you want to know what is changed and how it is returned.

Although Google Analytics is a powerful solution to analyze your overall performance, it is convenient if you have the extra time and technical know-how. I was a digital analyst, which meant analyzing and unlocking insights was my job, and if that's all you do, it is awesome and really fun.

Let's be honest, it is not your only task… Meet with heybooster Weekly Report. It will help you to receive weekly analysis of your website in terms of overall traffic, SEO, ads, etc.

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  • It is a weekly summary report with specific points, easy to read, not technical; not a complete dashboard.
  • It is something you’ll be excited to receive because it detects the opportunities you can catch; not something you mark as read.
  • It is customizable so you can determine your own insight that will be sent to you weekly; not boring and unrelated insights with your businesses.

You can start to do it by connecting your analytics but if you would like me to design your first weekly report content, I can assist you one-on-one and ensure you are leveraging data to maximize your performance. Let’s schedule a quick call!