Early detection of surprises on analytics

Şahin Seçil
Şahin Seçil

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You may have heard that before in an emergency meeting;

"The lowest CR in a week and a higher ad spend? Why is no one noticing?"

or ****worst!

"Noo, somehow we hadn't tracked most of the transaction for 5 days 😱" - It is the exact statement one of our users made when she rang our door with a request for an alert system.

Unfortunately, some of the unnoticed metric changes may invite the elephant to your meeting room.

It is not your fault, managing the budget, creating content, and also working on technical improvements has already made your week hectic. So why not use technology to track this work?

heybooster has already started to track some important changes for your account, just connect it!

If you have other metrics that you track exclusively, let me know via email or live chat. It is possible to add a new one quickly.


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