3 Top Insights for eCommerce Digital Marketing

Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Howdy there,

No intro to waste the time... Here are some insights on your heybooster account that I suppose you may like to see and get action!

  1. Budget Allocation Treemaps: The insight highlighted the campaigns with low ROAS that waste your budget. If you have a big red square, ring the bell something is wrong with your campaign management.

Products that eat your budget but no transaction: Some of your products are driving ads traffic however do not convert but some are hidden gems 🤩

These two insights work for you;

  • Product With Google Ads Traffic but No Transaction,
  • Popular Product Goes Lower on the List

*search them on the explore insight page, and find more

SEO Position of the Google Ads Keywords: It helps you determine which keywords you need to invest in SEO and which ones you can give up on Google Ads.

Like your most converted keywords on ads is "red heels with straps", but this keyword is 9th position in organic search which means you are not getting conversion unless you pay for it.

So how does it sound? What would you like to add to get more insightful data?

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Love, respect, and continuous growth 💜

Neslihan from heybooster,
Co-founder & Digital Analyst for eCommerce