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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Getting eCommerce Out-Of-Stock Reports with in Minutes

Your website is driving traffic from both organic search and paid campaigns, and you're getting tons of views and clicks. What could be bad in this scenario? These are the kind of achievements that every eCommerce marketing team aims for. Despite all this, you may still not reach your targeted revenue.

In other words, while everything seems great, the details you overlook in the background can affect your overall business marketing performance. For example, not getting regular eCommerce out-of-stock reports🤨

Of course, many different factors can cause this situation, but one of the points you should focus on and regularly track is whether the products you promote to users organically or through ads are in stock.

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Don’t Waste Your Google Ads Budget on Out-Of-Stock Products

Imagine how disappointing it would be for users if the products you show to users as "Hey, look what I'm selling" are out of stock😵 If the number of users who are interested in your product among dozens of websites and products but cannot reach the result they expect, of course it will be annoying.

There are also negative aspects for you. If the products you promote in Google Shopping Campaigns are out of stock, it means that your advertising budget is wasted. Because every time users interact with the product and your website, you are spending advertising budget for a product that is not in stock and will not be converted into sales. Therefore, you need google shopping out of stock reports.

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Top 10 Reasons for a High Cart Abandonment Rate & Ways to Reduce It

Are your customers leaving your eCommerce online store with full shopping carts without completing their purchase? If you are dealing with add-to-cart but no sales on Shopify issues, don’t worry, we are here to help you. There could be many reasons why your customers are abandoning their carts. With a few small steps and with the help of heybooster weekly and monthly reports, you will figure out the issue in no time. But first, let’s see what the problem could be.

1- Mandatory Account CreationYou must avoid smothering your visitors with forced account creation at all costs. One of the most common reasons for high cart abandonment is mandatory account creation. It’s a bad move to interrupt the purchase process with an additional account creation step and it definitely pushes your customers away! 😳

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