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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Identify Your Products with High Sales Potential

Do you think you can reveal the true potential of your products? If you are not sure about your answer, we can say that you are not able to reveal the best of your overall business marketing performance. Because products with high sales potential are the products that are most interacted with by users and can bring you the best results.

Of course, it is significant to create different strategies for below-average-performing products and improve them. But does this mean that you consider products that are already performing well as winners and put them on the back burner? Of course, no! Detecting these products and making them more visible to users would be a much smarter move for you.

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What Should You Do When Visitors Add Products to Cart on Shopify but Don’t Buy

Imagine you run a restaurant and the restaurant is full of customers. Everyone asks for a menu, looks at the delicious food. Sounds great, doesn't it? Here come the pennies. But then most of the customers get up and leave. And that's exactly what happens when customers don't complete the checkout process after adding items to the cart. We understand how frustrating this is.

After tracking impressions, conversions, CTR and many other metrics and seeing positive results, it can be discouraging when users don't complete the purchase at the final stage. However, there is a solution, and it is not difficult to improve your business marketing performance.

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5 Reasons Why Keyword Rankings Fluctuate

Constant ups and downs in keyword ranking can be frustrating when you just can't figure out why. While fluctuations in ranking may look complicated at first look, they may be hinting at certain growth opportunities that online eCommerce store owners definitely should not overlook!

1-Competitor content updates

Keeping an eye on your keyword ranking also means keeping an eye on your competitors’ content. If your keyword rankings are constantly fluctuating, this may mean that there is competition in your queries. There could be two ways the changes in your keyword rankings may be related to your competition.

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