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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Get Your Monthly SEO Performance Report

What was the return on your SEO efforts last month? Let’s take a closer look at the monthly SEO performance results.

Have you been tracking your SEO KPIs one by one to summarize your monthly SEO performance? No more time-wasting on preparing reports to demonstrate how your SEO performance has been going for the last 30 days. With the latest feature heybooster offers, having your monthly SEO performance report becomes a piece of cake.

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A Key to Growth: Tracking Product Performance

As an eCommerce business owner, examining the performance of the products you advertise is one of the most essential details to boost your sales. At this point, starting an analysis method by separating the products that you are efficient and the products that you are not efficient can be given as an example of product performance tracking. While a product is added to the cart by many users and then the purchase process is completed, why does a product with the same potential not perform the same? The answer to these questions lies in tracking product performance.

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Detect Your Ads with Unexpected Cost Increases

Unfortunately, with SEO alone, you may not be able to perform as well as you would like in the eCommerce world. Because SEO is actually an investment that will bear fruit for you in the long run. Therefore, while doing SEO-focused work in the long term, you should also focus on the Google Ads side to ensure growth in a stable manner. So if you wanna play you gotta pay 😝

In this article, we will give you important information about the cost increase in your Google Ads products and how you can identify these products. If you're ready, let's start!

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Steal Your Clients’ Hearts with Automated SEO Reports

Nobody likes to get lost among pages and pages of data only to end up tired and frustrated in the mess. Working on several SEO reports for multiple clients every month can be a nightmare of this sort. This is why automating the process through SEO reporting tools will save you both time and energy. What’s more, it will win over your clients in a heartbeat.

Automated SEO reports are the collection of insights generated by a tool to reflect all of your SEO KPIs in one single report. If you are working for multiple clients, it can be challenging to roll out regular SEO reports on demand.

Using an SEO reporting tool like heybooster will save you an immense amount of time and will ensure a detailed and organized summary of your SEO performance.

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