Get Ad Optimization Alerts During Peak Season

Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Not knowing the anomalies happening concerning your ad campaigns during shopping seasons can cost you a fortune. You can miss out on great sales opportunities or waste your budget on the wrong products.

Luckily, you have heybooster to ensure that your ad campaigns perform well. It will be on watch during the campaign seasons to immediately let you know about unexpected changes ranging from a drastic increase in CPC or keywords with no conversion.

Here is heybooster’s repertoire to keep you updated during campaign seasons:

·  Sending alerts when your branded keywords cause your CPC to skyrocket

·  Instantly informing you about the keywords that do not convert but have high costs

·  Identifying the high-potential generic keywords that you didn’t target in your ads

·  Sending emails if some of your ad campaigns stop running earlier than it is needed

Connect your data sources to heybooster now; prevent missing out on sales potential!

Just reply to this email if you want to add different alerts. We'll do it for you, and get it ready before peak season.

Track Your Budget to Avoid Over/Under Spending Effortlessly

If you want to do budget tracking to avoid over or under spending, the best way to do it is to use a budget tracking tool that will provide you with the necessary data completely automatically. You can do this using Google Analytics, but if you don't have Google Analytics experience and haven't taken a course on it, it can be quite confusing at first. Therefore, what you need is a tool that has an interface that is easy for anyone to use and that will get you the data you want with just a few clicks. Well, the only tool that is this great is of course heybooster.

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Unlock the Next Level of Your SEO Strategy with Top-Performing Google Ads Keywords

SEO or Google Ads? Apple or pear? These two questions are almost exactly the same. Because both have different uses and serve different purposes. However, as in apples and pears, there are cases where SEO keywords and Google Ads keywords can be compatible together. You can even measure your SEO performance with Google Ads keywords.

It may not be very effective to separate the two completely and try to develop your whole business marketing strategy by following these two separate paths in different ways. Because by crossing these two paths at the right times, you can prevent the loss of time and effort.

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How to Track the Return on Your SEO Investments and Evaluate Your SEO Strategy

Famous management consultant Peter Drucker once said, "You can't improve what you don't measure." Sounds cool, right?

Search engine optimization is the practice of getting website pages more visible on SERP in order to capture more relevant and targeted traffic. Your task does not end here when you implement the necessary SEO strategies to make your website stand out in search engine results pages. Tracking its results to ensure the continuation of the work you do is as important as implementing these strategies and covers a large part of your efforts. For this, SEO reporting tools come to your rescue.

For example, with heybooster's Monthly SEO Performance Summary Reports, you can track the return on your SEO investments and evaluate your SEO Strategy.

Get Montly SEO Performance Reports!