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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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17 Ways To Increase The Revenue Of An eCommerce Business

One of the most immediate signifiers of the success of an online store is its revenue. Increasing revenue and optimizing sales strategies in the most profitable way may seem like a daunting task all things considered. However, by taking a few small but strategic steps, tackling the inefficiencies that affect the sales of your online business won’t take long. For eCommerce professionals who are hoping to increase the revenue of their business, we compiled a list of 20 different ways to boost sales numbers.

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How To Get Google Ads Search Query Reports?

A search query is words or phrases that people type into the search engine using keywords. Using the right keywords and combining them with the right words or phrases is an efficient method you can use to increase your business marketing performance. For this, it is very important to analyze the intents of the users well and to find the right keywords.In this article, we will give you information about the important details you need to know about the search query and the effect of these details on your business marketing performance.

KPI metrics, which we use to measure the success of our business's campaigns, to understand where they are missing and to increase success, are of great importance in data analysis. We can obtain the metric values ​​we need through Google Search Console and draw a roadmap accordingly.

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How To Track Most Viewed eCommerce Products Metric?

It is not a right move to analyze the performance of the products you offer to the users on your website by only looking at the low or high sales rates and to create a strategy by considering these rates. While sales rates can give you clues in many ways, you cannot make a detailed analysis with these rates alone. At the same time, you need to know which products users are interested in and whether they interact with them. Therefore, one of the metrics that can help you in this regard is the Most Viewed Products metric. With this metric, you can compile and report the most viewed products in your ads or organic search results.

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