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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Here's how to saved 200.000+ paid traffic by using heybooster!

Due to the URL expansion logic that is used in Performance Max campaigns, there is no way to track which pages that are being promoted on your website and where your marketing budget is going in the Google Advertising platform for Performance Max campaigns.

As a consequence, many unsold products are promoted in vain and marketing budgets are lost as a result.

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How To Use Metrics In Shopify Analytics To Grow eCommerce Business?

Shopify Analytics helps ecommerce marketers to understand their sales data and start growing their online business.

Growing your business as an ecommerce manager means paying close attention to your marketing and sales data. To start managing your online store more efficiently, you need to know where there is room to grow and what you can improve about your sales strategy.

In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, keeping up with the trends with a strategic sales outlook that anticipates customer tendencies is more than half the battle.

Shopify Analytics provides you with incomparable insight into your sales data and helps you grow your business with an informed perspective. With heybooster’s Shopify integration, you can start growing your ecommerce business through a deep understanding of the problem points and opportunities for improvement in your sales and marketing strategy.

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How To Keep Under Control Frequency Of Facebook Ads Campaigns?

Advertisements are used for many different purposes such as attracting more visitors to your site, creating potential customers, creating a user network. However, the high frequency of Facebook ads can have many negative consequences for you.

For example, users who see the same ad too many times may report this ad as spam and hide your ad. As a result, your ad may not perform as desired and the results may be disappointing for you.

Another negative result is that the ads that are seen by the users with a very high frequency become known by the users over time and are no longer an interesting advertisement for them. This causes users not to interact with the ads, which again prevents you from achieving the performance you want.

Therefore, keeping the frequency of your ads under control and checking regularly will have a positive effect on your business marketing performance in general. Let's take a look at some details about Facebook ads frequency that you absolutely need to know.

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