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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Which products work best on ads?

There are many different products on your website, but you don't know which one works best before you promote them.

If you always promote the most sold products, you probably face the stock issue in a shorter period of time. However, if you discover the gold mine in your inventory, you will shine the product that fewer users see, but most of them buy.

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Shopping Funnel: Tracking Shoppers' Behavior

If you have an e-commerce store, most probably one of your goal is to create a flow that will encourage users to shop again and again. There is a way to follow that request and develop an approach. You can call it Shopping Funnel.

The shopping funnel report is one of the most explicit reports that will demonstrate to you how the shopping path of users coming to visit your e-commerce website is shaped according to the steps in their purchase behavior.

There are some common issues that you need to track so that this shopping funnel can show accurate results.*

Heybooster insights tell you there's an issue with notifications and understandable charts if you have an unexpected problem on shopping funnel behavior.

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How To Detect Products That Cannot Be Sold In The Ads?

Wow, would you have invested in something that wouldn't sell for 30 days? Together we wish it hadn't happened.

There may have been a drop in demand for these products as a result of changing seasonal patterns. Like, you want to sell sweaters in the summer. Moreover, you may have even forgotten to remove it from ads for products that were out of stock or low stock size.

The unfortunate truth is that even if you have created a product feed, you can continue investing in products that may never sell. To avoid this situation, you will be helped by looking at "Products with paid traffic but no sale" on heybooster.

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