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I know there is a task you have to prepare a report about February marketing actions in your current busy to-do list. These reports or analyses are the most important secret of success to grow more confidently in line with the targets they set for the companies that are data-driven.‌

But those who use the Heybooster know that there is no need to waste time with operational tasks such as preparing and analyzing reports because Heybooster analyzes the actions you receive from the Monthly Report at the end of each month and interprets it for you.‌

You can now move this task to the section done ✅

📊  The change in ad spending this month
📊  The change in traffic to your site
📊  Change in the number of campaigns
📊  CPC-CPA-CPM etc. changes
📊  Quality Score's impact on these changes
📊  ...‌

Have you achieved your target for this month? Let's measure the steps you will take to support your growth and learn the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goal with statistical methods.

Let's get started exploring this package now.
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