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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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We have new product update about Anomaly Alerts 🎉

Anomaly Alerts with Actionable Insights

If there is a drop or spike in your metrics, your analytics don't say you the reason behind it but heybooster shows deep dive analysis to help you to get action faster.

When you get an email about an anomaly, you don't need to explore insights about it by jumping from platform to platform and wasting the time. heybooster shows you the related insight and makes it easier to get action.

Get Anomaly Related Insights

Predicted KPI Tracking to Grow Business

You should be able to keep eye on your KPI progress to shape the next move of your marketing activities. Especially for managers to feel more in tune and aware of business successes or failures KPI tracking is inevitable.

If you don't know how you can track the KPIs and focus your team to improve them, let's give it a try heybooster KPI Management. It will show;

  • predicted value
  • your progress
  • whether you reach your target

To learn more jump our video!

Make your weekly plan based on your marketing data

We're starting a new week, and making Analytics reports take a while.

The conversion rate is lower than last week, h*mm, but why? Pre-made Google Data Studio dashboards let you see the big picture, but don't tell you why or give you details? Nope, Google Data Studio doesn't work by itself, you need someone to interpret it and let you know how it goes.

Wouldn't it be good if you didn't have to wait for someone to interpret the data, or if you could get an answer to why rather than just metric changes?

It takes a while to make a data-driven decision.

Start to make data-driven decisions without spending time creating reports with heybooster.