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Kader Ağdağ
Kader Ağdağ

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Sometimes when you look at your sales data, do you say there is something wrong with this?When you are analyzing your sales data, you might encounter with more purchase data(value) than you were expecting, it is pretty normal to be worried because this will cause your strategy to appear wrong.

If your customer has a transaction on the website, it should be seen as just a transaction. So ONE transaction id should have ONE transaction. But sometimes, Google Analytics’ triggers can run wrong. It can trigger your transaction two or more.

And when you have decided to look at paid channel's performance, you can be wrong according to these broken data. each transaction is unique for each transaction id.

‌If you have this problem, you can handle them by following these steps;

‌• The most common reason for its duplication issue is that each transaction triggers more than once when the "thank you" page loads (or any page about completing the purchase). Make sure this page is only ever triggered once.
‌• If you have raw data to keep sales data, you can compare it with Google Analytics data to determine whether the flow in different payment methods causes it.
‌• By keeping the transactions in a memory such as a cookie or local storage, you can do the checks before sending the analytic transaction. Still, the most definite solution will be the solution we made with custom tasks over GTM.

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