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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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What Are The Gaps In Your Marketing That Makes You Behind Your Goals?

After weeks and weeks of furious campaign planning, strategy & operation, you finally make it ready. Choosing top products to promote, preparing visual content, hours of work to copywriting, and of course budget allocation. And now it is time for counting dollars.

There is just one problem - who will track everything is going as it is planned?

Now it is time to deal with this hard part. Track Progress and be Proactive; how the campaigns are going and moving the needle on that KPI is crucial to have continuous growth. It is not only essential to catch the part we failed but also helping us to highlight the real work done, the success.

How do agencies use heybooster to automate reporting?

Preparing weekly, monthly reports and making long meetings to overview them for clients is one of the stressful moments in my agency experience... I have spent hundreds of hours creating report templates for my clients and trying to reduce the time as much as possible.

I still had to make tens of adjustments each time, and they also wanted to meet me and listen to the performance review. It just made our life busier for both sides.

How did I report effectively with heybooster?

“Actionable insights are not just alerts that for your optimization opportunity, actionable insights are also reports with a context. “

When I share only one insight with my clients, they digest it quickly, use it, and want to explore by themselves!

Continuous Audit for Digital Marketing

There are a lot of different digital marketing channels you expect revenue or sessions. Even if a partner (agency or your team) takes care of all operational parts, you need to keep an eye on all. You have a specific budget that is allocated for marketing activities and you should ensure you bet on the one that pays most.

But how can you have full control over all your marketing? How do you know what you should focus on?

There are so many horror stories of unnoticed changes on your one of channel which turns upside down all your marketing performance. The study conducted by McKinsey also proved that filling ''talent gaps" and implementing "actionable metrics" are two crucial issues recently in marketing.

And now it is time to introduce heybooster marketing audit; heybooster helps you assess your current online marketing performance, pinpointing areas that need improvement and highlighting opportunities you might have taken for granted.