#007 | heybooster eCommerce Insights 💸

Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Is your Google Analytics working correctly? How do you check?

Even if you set everything right once, your website is continually changing and tiny little design updates may make your data inaccurate again.

Do you really want to make decisions based upon false data? Who wants? You can hire someone to control only data accuracy daily basis or you can use a heybooster to check and guide you daily. heybooster will alert you before the tiny measurement problem becomes a C-Level meeting topic.

Top 3 Product Insights to maximize ROI

During my conversations with eCommerce business owners and marketing managers, They are surprised most often by the most viewed products on the website, which aren't their best sellers or are already out of stock.

The Top 4 Insights To Save Your Ad Budget

When spending on ads, it’s difficult to diagnose the reason behind google conversion changes on time. There are different external factors other than budget and ads health. You need to keep an eye on your landing pages, products, keywords, etc.

And here I bundled 4 different actionable insights, helping you to figure out behind scene problems that prevent your ads conversion rate to double!