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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Marketing professionals are constantly bombarded with a series of things to do.

• Finding that unicorn idea for a new campaign,
• Monitoring ad and campaign performances and trying to iterate the concept,
• Make an effective word plan to run towards your KPIs faster and so on…

‌These are the exciting tasks you can handle every day. How about the issues you never expect to happen?

• That unexpected system bug which blocks the users’ payments,
• Hundreds of pages with high bounce due to stock out products,
• That content page you published without ever considering the possibility of keyword cannibalization….

‌While planning the day/week, you may never consider these problems. Actually, there are so time-consuming to check all these regularly. That’s why we build heybooster to check everything and inform you about critical issues on time! While we do this, you can use your time for bigger projects and achieve your KPIs/boost your company’s profit.

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We are ❤️ digging through data to get answers to marketing questions. Let’s analyze together and talk about how to turn your marketing data into actionable insights 🙌Until next time,Love for the data

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