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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Google Data Studio vs heybooster

We all know how crucial is data when it comes to running a business. Huge volumes of data are curated and analyzed to get actionable insights for today’s consumers. However, the process of pulling out data from various sources and getting meaningful insights from it isn’t easy if you don’t use the right business intelligence tools.

While there are a plethora of business intelligence tools out there, Google Data Studio is one of the most popular tools, however, it comes with its own set of drawbacks. Luckily, heybooster is a tool that provides all the features that lacks in GDS.

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Using multiple channels to maximize conversion

Due to increased competition and the desire to have more affordable & attractive options, your customers will continue to look for alternatives. And frankly, alternative solutions are everywhere. The phenomenon may be familiar to you if, after searching for a black dress on Google, you started seeing different black dresses on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

It is the same for your potential customers. Catching them on only google search is just one point on their shopping journey. If you want to catch their attention and make them buy your products, you should be visible and promoting your products on other platforms where they are online.

Controlling which channel your landing page is getting traffic from is the easiest way to make sure your campaigns show up on different platforms.

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Is your Google Analytics GDPR Compliant?

Due to non-compliance with GDPR rules, most businesses risk their data on Google Analytics.

While there are simple solutions to get users’ allowance, why is this still happening?

It is still an issue for 60% of the online business because adding only the consent requests widgets to your website is not enough to be GDPR compliant. Google Analytics collects data via several sources like page URLs, custom dimensions, events etc. Any personally identifiable information (including email, phone number etc.) you sent to Google Analytics risk your overall data and affect you as the business owner or manager.

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How Page Speed Effects Your PPC Campaigns?

Even if your KPI for the marketing campaigns is acquiring new users to the website, the main expectation is generating revenue from these users, it may happen in their first, second or 8th visit :)

However, If they have to wait for a page to load during their first interaction with your site, they are less likely to visit again and are less likely to purchase from you.

If your ads do not perform as you expected, the problem might not always be with your ads or your target audience. The journey of your users has just started by clicking the ads, how about the rest of their experience?

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