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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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After 9 AM, your ads are not displayed!

The night after you told your team that all new ads are live, your boss may email you at 6:00 pm and say,“ Hey, I can’t see the ads, I searched a few related keywords but just our competitors are listed!!!!”

There are a number of reasons for this to happen. Maybe just budgets, maybe campaign configurations, but the important thing is that you recognize it before revenues are adversely affected.

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​​17 Landing Page Insights for E-Commerce Revenue Growth

And when the users are searching for the products on your e-commerce website, they can use site search, filters or promoted pages like you. But the point is who is checking your pages performance indicators (KPIs)? What if they bounced off your promoted pages and you lost of buyers just because of weak pages?

Your landing pages should harvest your marketing and sales strategies. In this article we'll focus how to level up the all those pages performance easily.

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Week-to-Date (WTD) Comparison for eCommerces

To ensure week-by-week growth, how do you track your website performance? What's your business doing this week compared to last week?

In the mornings, when you check out this insight, you can clearly see how the week is going for their website. The warning tag indicates that this week we made less money than last week; it compares this week to date with the previous week, up to and the same day of the week.

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Get A Summary Of All Your Marketing Changes

If you would like to track your metrics daily basis and catch each of the changes on time, welcome to the club 🎉 eCommerce is so dynamic environment and any unexpected changes may cause you to waste the budget or missed the opportunity to increase ROI.

Rather than being lost on marketing dashboards, heybooster now has an update for you that shows this week’s changes in your account. It summarizes all the changes that happened; it could be positive or negative. So you don’t need the control the results of the work done, it will automatically appear.

Get Your Marketing Changes Summary