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Şahin Seçil

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There are dozens of daily searches that were not seen on Google before. Here are some insights that help you to reduce your marketing spend and increase your return on investment by managing these search keywords.‌

#1 The daily irrelevant query checker

‌The marketers can drop irrelevant keywords within the huge volume of queries. Use the daily query checker to identify irrelevant queries by digging through the long-tail of keywords.‌

#2 Non-converting search query checker

‌%81 of your Google ads keywords are non-converting, which is a lousy investment that does not support your goals.

Tips: Before you add negative keywords, make sure you consider the assisted conversion rate.‌

#3 Duplicate query checker

‌You may tailor Google ads campaign design to achieve a specific goal—increasing traffic, highlighting your brand, or obtaining more website visitors.

‌When you use the same queries across different campaigns, you lose the benefit of tailor design. In other words, you’ll never know the performance of a keyword, and that can drain your budget.

Search queries are the vulnerable part of your Google Search account. To make easier analysis progress, use heybooster workflows, get daily insights, and then;

‌⚡️ Run the daily irrelevant query checker to prevent waste of budget

⚡️ Run the non-converting search query checker to increase your conversion rate

‌⚡️Run the duplicate query checker to be sure you are on the right track

‌🚀 If you still don’t have a heybooster account, create your own

Use these workflows on your own heybooster account

We are ❤️ digging through data to get answers to marketing questions. Let’s analyze together and talk about how to turn your marketing data into actionable insights 🙌Until next time,Love for the data

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