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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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Stop Driving Traffic to the Stock-out Products!

There are a lot of factors that can make conversion rates low, but one of the worst is driving traffic to the stock-out product and unfortunately the common one.

It is a kind of chicken-egg problem. As the marketing team, you are driving more traffic, and bidding more to get new customers and sales. At the same time, you don't have an unlimited supply of products. While you continue to drive traffic to the particular top category, campaign or product, you may expect the customers to buy as they did before. However most of the time, inventory can’t catch your speed and the users land on these pages and are faced with stock-out or understock products.

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How to get a summary of all your marketing changes?

If you would like to track your metrics daily basis and catch each of the changes on time, welcome to the club 🎉 eCommerce is so dynamic environment and any unexpected changes may cause you to waste the budget or missed the opportunity to increase ROI.

Rather than being lost on marketing dashboards, heybooster now has an update for you that shows this week’s changes in your account. It summarizes all the changes that happened; it could be positive or negative. So you don’t need the control the results of the work done, it will automatically appear.

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How to find eCommerce revenue growth opportunities?

heybooster is your AI analytics assistant that uses your marketing data to find revenue growth opportunities.

Because of increasing and more complex data sources like Google Analytics 4, understanding how your marketing activities like ads, SEO, and CRO performs is also harder than ever. heybooster is a new data analysis experience tailored for eCommerce marketers that can provide them with actionable insights they need to control and make decisions.

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Automated Daily KPI Reporting

In order to allocate the marketing budget wisely, tracking the performance of each channel is critical. However, analyzing each channel's performance every day and predicting the run rate creates an additional workload.

There are two main problems. First, it is not automated and the person wastes 1.5-hour managing this job. Secondly, the run rate is calculated considering only this month so cannot catch the trend changes.

I explained to you in more detail and show you how you can set your KPI on heybooster. However, if you don’t have time to set it up, do not postpone just contact us about your target, my team will do it for you for free. you can set your KPI on heybooster with a few click.

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