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Şahin Seçil
Şahin Seçil

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Today’s tips about missing the value of Google ads performance.

‌It’s easy to assume that clicks and visits are essentially the same things. When the user clicks the Google ad, it counts as one-click for Google ads and one session for Google Analytics. That’s how you can analyze your Google ad’s performance and evaluate the return on ad spend.

‌It’s like a sequence of steps in Tango and looks impressive if you are in harmony with your partner 💃

It’s the same for marketing. If the session click ratio is stable, you don’t need to worry about the truth of the analysis. But if one of them is broken, that drives you to make a wrong decision such as;

‌⚡️If Google ads transaction can show up as direct traffic, you can decide to pause the ads because of not achieving your ROAS target.

‌⚡️Even the user clicks the same ads several times, you can show up in one session that gives you an idea about the ad placement performance. Should you exclude it or not?

‌⚡️If the user exit before the landing page has loaded, you can define the traffic as spam because not seeing the session under Google Analytics, and so on…

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