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Neslihan Emikoglu
Neslihan Emikoglu

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We're on Shopify! 🎉

heybooster app launched on Shopify AppStore!

heybooster is now integrated with Shopify to help you to analyze Google Analytics, Amazon Ads, and Shopify together. If you would like to learn about your repeat customer changes monthly and what effect the changes have, be our guest as a beta user!

Start to use heybooster Shopify App!

How To Get Google Analytics Weekly Report to Your Inbox?

Tracking and analyzing performance is crucial for any eCommerce business.

After all, how are you going to know what to optimize if you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t?

But let's be honest– tracking, analyzing, and then turning the data into valuable insights is no cakewalk. It takes time and effort to create reports, and this isn’t possible or is extremely difficult to do every week especially if you’re handling multiple clients and not having a huge team.

So how to make this easier? Meet heybooster Weekly Reports.

How heybooster will be your virtual analyst to make sense of Google Analytics 4?

The new Google Analytics is already a nightmare for most marketers. Although it has a moderately easy implementation for monitoring app + web users together, it is not friendly enough for eCommerce marketers.

If you have the correct setup, Big Query Integration and data analyst on your team, you are lucky, GA4 is a gold mine for you. Otherwise, you may have trouble finding and analyzing the basic reports you use.

If you are not into data analysis and want to focus only on outcome and strategy, heybooster will be your virtual analyst to make sense of Google Analytics 4.

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Most Popular eCommerce Product Pages

Although your website includes a huge variety of products, some of your products may be more popular than others and drive more traffic.

The popularity may be about your products’ attractive image, competitive price, increasing trend or just because you show just a few of your products in your ads. What you need is not only to control which product page you are investing in more and which one has more return.

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