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Şahin Seçil
Şahin Seçil

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Before jumping into the advanced analysis, let’s focus on improving your data quality to ensure the metrics rely on relevant, accurate, and actionable. Don’t make critical business decisions based on broken insufficient data.

Takeaway: Google Analytics setup is broken at least once a month. It’s so usual. Your website is continually changing. Don’t forget to check Google Analytics’ confirmation regularly.

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The most common three issues that you should fix it immediately.

‌1. GDPR compliant: Personal information like email, phone number, name are not allowed to be collected in Google Analytics. In some cases, the user info can be stored on the URL. If it happens, you can filter by using Search & Replace filters.
2. Payment referral: If you are using an external payment gateway, your customer redirects back after payment success, and Google Analytics starts a new session. This cause to loss of the original traffic sources, which brought you transactions. You should exclude the referral traffic.
3. Session click discrepancy: The number of clicks you drive from your digital ads will not match the number of sessions you track via website analytics. Understanding this relationship between clicks and website sessions will give you a better view of campaign performance and the digital advertising landscape as a whole. Details

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